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About Gather Sciences

About Us

At Gather Sciences we are driven by the opportunity to help organizations unlock their full potential by bringing together the right people at the right time and place for the right reasons.  Each of us knows the power of intentional connection and collaboration, enjoying time with co-workers, and the energy that comes from doing something that matters with the people who matter to you.    

The Balanced Hybrid™ framework was designed to help companies overcome the most common challenges to implementing a successful and sustainable hybrid work model and create an in-office experience that draws associates together and ensures that in-office workdays truly differ from remote workdays.  

For organizations that want to embrace the key principals of Balanced Hybrid™, Gather Sciences offers software specifically designed to accelerate and streamline the process

About Gather Sciences


John Wichmann is the Founder and CEO of Gather Sciences and the creator of the Balanced Hybrid™ framework.   


John created Balanced Hybrid™ by combining his years of experience leading teams and working with organizational leaders to maximize value from their workplaces with time proven principals of human connection, experience based learning, and associate engagement.


John was co-founder and COO of Maptician, a workplace management software solution that launched 6-months before the start of the Covid pandemic.  Responding to this unexpected event, John led the organization's pivot strategy, first to support the safe return-to-office and then to address the emerging needs around hybrid work.  These rapid innovations were nationally recognized, including a May 2020 Inc. Magazine article highlighting Maptician as one of the first market-ready return-to-office solutions. ​

John Wichmann - Founder & CEO

​John is a leading voice and advocate for intentionally designed hybrid work models and believes the remote work capabilities created in response to the pandemic provide a clear opportunity for organizations to "make work better than before™ "


Through panels, webinars, and directly, John has spoken to hundreds of organizations about hybrid/flexible work models and the importance of intentionally designing them to meet the unique needs of the organization and its teams.

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