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Team Collaboration - Balanced Hybrid Framework


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 A universal, purpose-driven approach for hybrid work to align the interests of associates, managers, and executives.

A hybrid approach where everyone wins


"I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the hybrid plan for my group, and that my input was considered.  Our new plan is a better fit for our team and the work we do.  I also have a better understanding of why our time together as a team is important."

AP/AR Specialist

Public Company 

Managers & Directors

"The Balanced Hybrid planning framework gave us visibility to how our team members truly viewed the in-office experience and provided recommendations on what to adjust.  We now have a plan that our associates had a voice in, and our senior executives are on board with."

Director, Finance

Public Company 

Senior Executives

"Balanced Hybrid has increased our space utilization and given us clarity as to how much space we actually need, both now and into the future.  This has allowed us to right size our spending and plan more accurately. "


"People are the key.  It's all about the people"

John P. Imlay, Jr.

Balaned Hybrid
Balanced Hybrid Logo

The first purpose-driven, universal solution for hybrid work models to bring teams together in an intentional, consistent and meaningful way based on four fundamental principles. 


Balanced Hybrid - Four Foundational Principles

...the right People. the right
Time & Frequency. an 

inviting, impactful
office environment. do what

benefits the most from being together.

Does "one-size-fit-all" for hybrid?

In most cases, no.  ​

Our findings show that over 90% of associates prefer a hybrid plan that aligns to the unique needs of their department or team versus a broadly implemented a "one-size-fits-all" approach across the organization.

Balanced Hybrid™ makes it easy to tailor a hybrid work plan to the unique needs of your various departments, aligning with associate sentiment while still addressing the underlying objectives of your RTO policy.

Associate Preference for in-office workday determination

Associate Preference for Determining In-Office Workdays

Hybrid Survey - organge dot

Same for everyone in organization

Hybrid survey - blue dot

Based on needs of dept. or team


of associates

who view the level of mandated in-office workdays as unnecessary, or perceive the in-office experience as not worth the commute, report lower engagement.

Balanced Hybrid™ helps leaders avoid or repair associate disengagement while addressing the underlying reasons driving an RTO mandate decision. 

Balanced Hybrid - Optimized Hybrid Benefits

The benefits of optimizing hybrid

Optimizing your hybrid work strategy can generate cost savings and give you a competitive advantage. Not doing so can cost your organization, division, or department, money, talent, momentum, and growth.

Reduce attrition of

new hires & top performers

Balanced Hybrid™ reduces attrition by designing a hybrid work environment where your new hires can onboard, engage and learn, and where your top talent is not driven away by office-return mandates they view excessive.

88% of college seniors expressed a desire to meet co-workers in person, collaborate face-to-face and build relationships in a workplace setting.

iCIMS survey of college seniors

Rightsize your office space and improve decision making

Balanced Hybrid™ results in a highly predictable use of office space.  This enables you to make better office space decisions, sooner; saving money and providing a foundation to hyper-optimize your use of space.

Balanced Hybrid™ can typically identify real estate cost savings of 20% or more without negatively impacting culture, collaboration or onboarding.  

Increase productivity, agility, morale, and momentum

A hybrid approach with either too little or too much structure can negatively impact productivity, morale, and momentum.  Balanced Hybrid finds a middle ground approach tailored to the unique aspects of your organization.

RTO mandates can increase the disengagement level in over 53% of associates, including 10% of associates who are more likely to quit.  

Gallup 2022 associate engagement survey

Balanced Hybrid People & Workplace Solutions

 People & Workplace Solutions


Optimize your hybrid work strategy to capture cost saving, find a middle ground with associates, and gain a competitive advantage.

Get associates back to the office at an effective level.

Struggling to attract your employees back to the office at an effective level?  Considering a company-wide mandate but concerned about the ramifications?

Optimize your existing 
return-to-office mandate.

Already implemented an RTO mandate but open to revisions based on reaction and feedback received from associates? 

Benchmark your hybrid approach and current state.

Need visibility to how and how often your office is being used?  Want to analyze space use by department, hybrid classification, or tenure? 

Determine how much office space you really need.

Wondering if you can release or renegotiate for less office space?  Looking for new space and don't want to acquire too much or too little? 

Not optimizing a hybrid strategy can cost your organization, division, or department money, momentum, and growth.

Leave your mark by optimizing your organizations hybrid approch

Leave Your Mark

Be the catalyst for unlocking positive change in your organization and for your associates by optimizing your current approach to hybrid work.

CEO's / Business Area Leaders

As a CEO or business area leader, you no longer need to choose between an ultra-flexible approach that is hurting business results and an overly mandated approach that can damage morale and motivation. 


Having too much or too little office space will cost your organization money? Predict and optimize your use of office space while reducing rehiring costs and productivity loss due to unplanned attrition.

HR Leaders

The time is now for HR leaders to lead the conversation on how an effective model can be a strategic asset for the business.  We can help you make sure you don't miss this opportunity for impact.   

CRE & Facilities Leaders

As a CRE or Facilities leader, you have created collaborative and inviting spaces.  Take the next step to introduce a planning model that area leaders will welcome, while improving predictability and space utilization. 

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