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Predictable Hybrid Workplace Success and Savings

A Blueprint for Success

Achieve return-to-office objectives without risky, company-wide mandates.

Improve Workplace Experience

Focus on what matters most to your associates to maximize the value of in-office workdays.

Find Cost Savings, Benchmark Progress
Quickly see how often your offices are being used, by whom, and fincost savings.

Meeting Room

Our Solutions

Gain visibility, find cost savings, and personalize your return-to-office strategy to improve workplace experience and stand out from your competitors.  

Office Use Insights

See your office like never before.

If you don't know where you are, planning a path forward or measuring your progress is challenging.  

Don't settle for basic occupancy data.  Our interactive dashboard gives you new perspective to measure your progress and actionable insights to accelerate decision-making.

Office Experience Analysis

Improve the value of in-office workdays.

Are the in-office workdays of your associates any different than their remote workdays?  Are they worth the commute?  Are they worth the cost you are paying for that seat?

We think they should be.  Our proprietary data collection & analysis model combines data science and behavioral science to elevate the in-office experience for everyone.

Hybrid Planning for Teams

Because different teams have different needs.

Just as roles, functions, and ways of working vary across teams, so can needs related to in-office vs. remote working.    

Our planning tools add consistency to the planning process and give senior leaders the confidence that no one is left unaccounted for.

See how our tools help you solve your top hybrid model challenges and have a positive impact in under 30-days.

Balanced Hybrid Oveview

Guiding Philosophy

Balanced Hybrid™ is built on a foundation of intentionality and purpose:

Gathering the right people, 
at the right time and frequency, 
into an inviting, impactful office environment, 
to do the things that benefit most from being together.

The Core Tenets of Balanced Hybrid™ 

Balanced Hybrid™ is built around four key tenets. 

1) In-Person Interactions Matter

2) Intentionality is Everything

3) Consistency is a Catalyst

4) Impact beyond Output

Balanced Hybrid™ is our advocated approach for designing, testing, and implementing an effective and sustainable hybrid work approach that will benefit an organization and of its all associates. 

Leveraging Balanced Hybrid in your Organization

The Gather Sciences software solutions are designed to help organizations quickly and efficiently put these principles into practice.

BH Accelerator Modules

Case Study

A software company was seeing only 15% of their associates working from the office on average.  Through the use of our Office Use Intelligence and Associate Insights tools, the client was able to uncover meaningful insights in areas they thought they understood.  Included in this was an unexpected sentiment where many associates who were not coming into the office felt that in-office working was valuable and important.  This insight reinforced the important of in-person interactions and provided the foundation for elevated levels of in-office working and higher-value activities.  

Support for Personalized Hybrid: 
90% of associates preferred a hybrid approach aligned to the needs of their area or team versus a one-size-fits-all approach for the organization.

Hidden In-Office Work Interest: 
83% of associates living within 25 miles of their office who were not coming into the office felt some in-office workdays were important to their role.

Three Coworkers

Office Use Insights & Office Experience Analysis

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