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Earn the Commute

A data driven approach to optimize your hybrid work strategy and create a competitive advantage.

Does "one-size-fit-all" for hybrid?

In most cases, no.  ​Our findings show that over 90% of associates prefer a hybrid plan that aligns to the unique needs of their department or team versus a broadly implemented a "one-size-fits-all" approach across the organization.

A Best Practice Approach

From our extensive research and experience we created Balanced Hybrid®, the first purpose-driven, universal solution for hybrid work models.  Balanced Hybrid® brings teams together in an intentional, consistent and meaningful way based on four fundamental principles. 

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"I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the hybrid plan for my group, and that my input was considered. Our new plan is a better fit for our team and the type of work we do.  I also have a better understanding of why our time together as a team is important."

AP/AR Specialist

Medical Device Manufacturer 


Optimize your hybrid work strategy to capture cost saving, find a middle ground with associates, and gain a competitive advantage.

The Benefits of Optimizing Hybrid

Optimizing your hybrid work strategy can generate cost savings and give you a competitive advantage. Not doing so can cost your organization, division, or department, money, talent, momentum, and growth.

Reduce attrition of
new hires & top performers

of college seniors expressed a desire to meet co-workers in person, collaborate
face-to-face and build relationships in a workplace setting.


iCIMS survey of college seniors

Rightsize your office space
& improve decision making

Balanced Hybrid can typically identify real estate cost savings of

20% or more

without negatively impacting culture, collaboration or onboarding.

Increase productivity, agility,
morale, & momentum

of associates disengage with RTO mandates, including 10% of associates who are more likely to quit.


Gallup 2022 associate engagement survey

Team Collaboration - Balanced Hybrid Framework
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could benefit your organization?

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