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"90% of associates surveyed favored a personalized and intentional hybrid approach for their team."

Quickly address common hybrid model challenges:

Balanced Hybrid Oveview

The Core Tenets of Balanced Hybrid™ 

Balanced Hybrid™ is built around four key tenets. 

1) In-Person Interactions Matter

2) Intentionality is Everything

3) Consistency is a Catalyst

4) Impact Beyond Output

Guiding Philosophy

The Balanced Hybrid™ approach focuses on answering four key questions to ensure intentionality, input and to foster common sense consensus.

Bringing together the right people, at the right time and frequency, into an inviting, impactful office environment, to do the things that benefit most from being together.

Leveraging Balanced Hybrid in your Organization

To help organizations implement part of all of the Balanced Hybrid framework, we have created two Accelerator Modules to streamline the process and help you see results quickly. Scroll down to learn more.

The Balanced Hybrid™ framework is an advocated approach for hybrid work models that recognizes the optimal level of in-office working will vary across an organization's departments and teams. 

BH Accelerator Modules

Balanced Hybrid Accelerator Modules

Balanced Hybrid
Insight Module

The Balanced Hybrid™ Insight Module uncovers hidden insights and associate perceptions about the in-office experience. This is accomplished by integrating targeted associate feedback, select corporate data, and a proprietary analysis model.


  • Current Office Use Analysis

  • Associate Priorities & Preferences for In-Office Workdays

  • Correlation Analysis & Insights

  • Department and Team Level Insights

Balanced Hybrid
Team Planning Module

The Balanced Hybrid™ Team Planning Module provides managers with input from their team and guides them through a planning workflow to create a hybrid plan that aligns to the needs of their team.


  • Hybrid work plans for each team

  • Office use insights to identify high/low use days

  • Projected office use and cost savings analysis

  • Inputs to support current/future Workplace Management Software & Architects/Designers

Balanced Hybrid Accelerator Modules are designed to fast-track your implementation of Balanced Hybrid.  Providing integrated insights and team-level planning, the modules are quick, easy, and cost-effective solutions.

Learn More

See how Balanced Hybrid combined with our Insights & Planning Modules can provide you with a clear path forward in under 30-days.

BH Accelerator Modules

Balanced Hybrid Client Examples

Insights Uncovered

The Balanced Hybrid™ Insight Module uncovered multiple insights for a software company where less than 15% of their office capacity was being utilized on average.  By integrating In-Office work frequency inputs, Associate Sentiment data, and Departmental data, the Insight Module revealed that a much higher degree of interest for in-office working existed among local associates than was reflected by their in-office working history. 

Support for Personalized Hybrid: 
90% of associates preferred a hybrid approach aligned to the needs of their area or team versus a one-size-fits-all approach for the organization.

Hidden In-Office Work Interest: 
83% of associates living within 25 miles of their office who were not coming into the office felt some in-office workdays were important to their role.

Team Meeting
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